A note from John Prange, our Picnic committee chair!

A big thank you to all of you for your contribution toward another successful picnic.  57 adults and 11 children consumed all but 3.5 sandwich ribeyes at a total cost of $423.17 or $6.22/person.  And the side dishes were once again phenomenal!  And, of course, the group time with the committee is always special.

I have been thinking some more about when this all started.  My first picnic was in 1989 at George Piersol’s cabin on the Mississippi, the year after I joined Rotary (Oct 1988).  It began probably two years prior to that because I remember it being fairly new that year.  George grilled chicken over the big block grill.  George and Ron did the grilling that year.  Ron and I grilled the next year while George supervised and made sure everyone’s drinks were full.  I would imagine that it started 2-3 years prior to 1989, say 1986 – Ron might be able to piece that together.  That means this was #34.  That is a LONG time – great tradition! 

So thanks again for helping to keep this tradition alive.  What say we do it again next year!!!!

PS:  EP had my tongs.  That 30+ year tradition continues as well as those two tongs have never been separated!