Bill Stoermer from Exelon Energy presented facts from the Nuclear Industry in Illinois
Illinois has 11 reactors, the most of any state that generate 52.2 percent of the state’s electricity while emitting no greenhouse gases. Illinois’ nuclear energy facilities employ more than 5,900 workers.  Illinois’ 11 nuclear power reactors produce 88 percent of the state’s emission-free electricity. These nuclear energy facilities protect air quality and public health. Nuclear energy generates nearly 20 percent of our nation’s electricity and provides more than 55 percent of our emission-free power, making it an essential partner to renewable energy. Nuclear is America’s most reliable source of electricity. Illinois nuclear plants produced power more than 96 percent of the time over the past three years, ensuring power is available whenever it is needed. Nuclear energy is a vital part of U.S. infrastructure that keeps electricity prices and grids stable.