The Morrison Rotary Club celebrated the transition of our outgoing president Dr. Brad Yaklich and the incoming president Mr. Ron Coplan. Dr. Yaklich presented Mr. Coplan a plaque to thank him for the decades he has served as our weekly newsletter publisher. Later, Ron presented Dr. Yaklich with a president pin to thank him for his year of service where we met the following goals:
  • A tree was planted in Morrison for each of our  40+ Rotarians.
  • Rotarians met our goal to donate $1,000 to Polio Plus to efforts to eradicate Polio worldwide.
  • Our goal to increase membership was met.
  • $5,000 was donated to area students in scholarships to attend area colleges and technical schools.
Rotarians and their spouses celebrated a successful year with a dinner at Happy Joes. If anyone would like information to join this wonderful organization you can go to our website or contact any of our Rotary club members.